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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

right meaning for Divide and Rule Policy in administration. must get divided in Profession

Right Meaning in my Recommendation for Divide and Rule application in Democracy in the world.Try this you will be more Happy.with love j.k.sundararajan

Right Meaning in my Recommendation for Divide and Rule  application in Democracy in the world.Try this you will be more Happy.with love j.k.sundararajan

my suggestion to mygov.in

People in India or Indians Must select or elect as M.L.C,M.L.A.,and M.P's with Very Good Educational Back Ground. Let us watch and witness how a Government with Politician's with Very Good Educational Back Ground works with Executive,Judiciary and Parliament is a need of this Time.

M.L.C. category has to be vanished from Politics for ever in India is a must and need of the time.

Union Government through Bye Law from Parliament and Election Commission and Supreme court to declare that Each M.L.A. and M.P. must have traveled to their constituency from which He/she got elected for a minimum of 20 Times in a term of 5 years. And in That 20 times actions for welfare measures must have been committed and activated and completed on every Year in that 5 year term has to be made mandatory. From this more than 75% of the Constituency development fund has to be utilized  by each M.L.A. or M.P. of His/Her term in Office. 
I Hope Judiciary Parliament and Executive will agree on these below mentioned  ideas. Politician and Political party can prevail only if they adhere these type of workings is my strong recommendation.

My Suggestion to People in Tamil Nadu for the Next Assembly Election in May 2016:

 Apply Divide and Rule Policy  .

Farmers Association has to meet Political parties and try to get M.L.A seat for at least for 3 or 4 . work for the success and try to solve your issues by yourselves after becoming M.L.A. and Minister of your Department.

Traders Association has to try to avail 2 or 3 M.L.A.seat for your development purpose. Do Not elect others and allow one among you to contest for M.L.A and to work for your well being and to sort out your Needs in the Next % Year term THIS IS A MUST. 

Merchants need to select their own representatives and to try with political parties who may prefer to offer M.L.A.seat. get it and work for the success and take responsibility as M.L.A.and a Minister and solve all your problems  your own focus establish the development of Merchandising. This includes right from Vegetable merchant trade to Gold Jewel sales.

Government servants ,N.G.O and other Trade Unions has to come forward to select their own representatives and to make He/She to be allowed to contest in M.L.A. election for which ,to approach political parties which ever allow to avail seat about 5 to 8 seats to be accepted and try to obtain success and solve your all issues by participating in Government and Governance. 

Industries small,medium large scale (sidco/tidco/,)  Industry owners Association must come forward to select few Persons from their Owners List Producers association ,try to take ride on Election and try to avail 10 to 20 seats from Political parties and work for the success and You can promote the Nation with huge employments and along with solutions to your Taxation and other problems by yourselves is a must.This include automobile Industry also.

 People Above than many more are still in my mind.

Let us grow with people of all Nation's.

Thanks and let us join together. 

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B J P Government by Mr.Modi , may please look in to this seriously to help people in poor to allow enjoying entertainment!!!!!

mygov.in by B J P  Government by Mr.Modi , may please look in to this seriously to help people in poor to allow enjoying entertainment!!!!! 

Doordarshan Channels were FREE but All Free Channels telecast as Paid Channels by Companies entertaining via Dish ,(TATA SKY,Videocan,AIRTEL,Sun Direct, and many others and Government owned Cable operation via set of box))why?

  People to pay a Minimum of Rs.99/- than only people in India can watch all FREE T V Channels at their Home. Other wise even free channels will not be relayed , in fact customer set of box account will be deactivated is the present practical truth.

In India Even to Watch Doordarshan Channels at Free People to pay Rs.99, than only Dish net work operators will keep the connection in connectivity. 
It means Free channels are converted as Paid channels and Government do not have concern about this serious issue. 
Poor employee after returned to home in the vening ,he will switch on Television,but he can not view any channels including DD Channels. only if he paid Rs.99 a Basic connection payment than only he could see Free Channels relayed in Television Net work. 
For example Vasanth TV ,Makkal TV.Kalignar TV Murasu TV ,Aljazeera TV,Rt tv ,DE TV ,France TV and many other Free channels are relayed ,but to watch those channels people in a Home must pay a minimum of Rs99/. I condemn this Exploitation by Dish Network relaying companies. I strongly recommend to mygov.in by Mr.Modi to react on this, or Mr.Prakash Jawedekar -Minister for Broad casting and information services to react immediately to make people in India to witness to entertain Free Channels at Free of cost. Other wise if the present set up continues than it can be treated as Exploitation of a Consumer Right.
For correct this B J P Government to react with Television Channels relaying via Satellite using Dish connection and set of box to come to an under standing that all FREE Channels to be relayed at free with out any Deactivation and with out collecting single Rupee from any Home/House in India by any Dish Network Operating Companies and State Government Cable Operation. is a Must is my Recommendation. 

All these companies and State Government owned Cable Operation network can collect any amount as payment to witness or view  for paid channels only has to be arrived by Government of India is my strong recommendation.

In Doordarshan in all channels it relay that DD Dish will relay all Free channels at Free. But Most of the people in India installed Dish to get TV Channels via satellite and Cable connection for cable Tv is a well known fact to Doordarshan and Government of India

So Government to Discuss with Dish Net work operating companies to relay Free channels with out any interruption while people paid for   Dish connection with set of Box.

Government of India to provide DD Dish with set of Box at a very Low rate and to made available at all areas of the country. 

Each family pay Rs.100 to Rs.160 to Cable Tv or Dish TV and a average Indian age is 58 to 60 years. so an Indian Home paying about 2 Lakhs to watch Channels in television at their Home. This is an exploitation to People of India .

Also people while pay for Paid channels ,Television channels not to relay Advertisements with out the permission of People. Advertisement's in between in all Entertainment's on every 15 minutes is an exploitation to consumer rights. a consumer pay to companies to watch a Television Channel and a programe. on that view/watch their should not be any interruption via advertisement's,But it happens so it is an exploitation to people and they get stress on this act of Television channels.  

Above 2 lakhs paid for stress people spend money on Treatment and Medical .Where and how to get this expense reimbursed? No one will give answer.

So Doordarshan and Government of India and Prime Mnister Office to Discuss on this serious issue of a common Man in India to come forward to Support and help in their entertainment.
with Love J.K.Sundararajan.

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