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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Boycott of Coke, Pepsi sale completely stopped by Traders!!!!!.

Boycott of Coke, Pepsi in Tamil Nadu!.

Traders stopped the sale of Coke ,Pepsi and they cleared the stocks by pouring out in to the soil. This is a measure on Human Health in India.
High court against a case delivered a justice yesterday declaring  to use the water from Tamirabarani River for manufacturing Coke ,Pepsi ....
In Tamil Nadu acute shortage of water and most of the lakes were found to be drained. in this situation how Court offers the above Judgement is shocking and surprising  to all in India!!!!.

Youngsters in Tamil Nadu and MNC employees were took a oath that is we people in Tamil Nadu to stand united on this issue and not to use or buy Coke,Pepsi etc. 

Manufacturing Coke,Pepsi in Tamil Nadu using River water and selling in other States of India is also meaningless is the People Talk.
Samaritans,Politician's and Social activists like us looking forward that our Supreme court may please to come forward to initiate a case on this issue on self interest and to Provide Justice as a care to People Health.

Government of India by mygov.in and Prime Minister are all to be Magnanimous and kind on Children and Students life and future. 
Now a days society looking forward students involvement in all necessary demands and issues to get soultion from the Government. 
But My Humble view on this ,Our student were the future and expectation of Prosperity to each Family,so Government and Politician's before student's protests and involvement on any ethnic issues may please come forward and to show interest in as a People Welfare in the country is a must is my strong recommendation. we must not play any bad role in students life ,they must be preserved as assets for our future. Politician's must change their trump card and must to change their attitude in bribe or income looking acts on any decision making is a must is my belief as a part of Indians in Growing India.


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