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Thursday, May 12, 2016

May- 16- Election for TamilNadu Assembly- 18 to 32 aged are saying ,Tamil Nadu not to be Last so ready to bear 210 croresLoss!!!!!!??????

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TamilNadu Elections 2016 Result! my view

Defeat to Leaders with Minor difference :-
1.A.I.A.D.M.K. Leader at R.K.Nagar is a 90% Possibility.
2.D.M.K. Leader will face defeat at Thiruvarur  . 
3.B J P Leader at Virugamnakkam will face defeat.
4.M.D.M.K. Leader will face Defeat.
                                                      in    234 seats
A.I.A.D.M.K  will get  win in ---( 7 to)21 seats
  D.M.K.           will get  win in ---          30 seats. 
congress    I N C will get win in --           0 seat.
T.M.C                 will get win in --            2 seats.
D M D K          will get win in  ---         42 seats.
M D M K          will get win in ----          4 seats.
communist marxist will get win in---      11seats.
Communist party will get win in  ---        6 seats.
V.C.party will get win               in  ----    14 seats.
P.M.K.    Will get win               in ----     34 seats.
Naan Tamizar  get win             in  ----       2 seats.
B.J.P  will get win in                   ------     68 seats.
all Other parties will get win in ---            0 seat.


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