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Monday, February 27, 2017

Al Jazeera English HD Live Stream.

one fourth of population is Islam a great and good to hear. Islam is not a Religion Way of Living . In Holy Quran As per I read many times with meaning ,in Many Sura in 114 Lord Allah says that Blood shedding is not permitted . But today promoting Islam through Love and affection is the best way and must to avoid taking Islam on Terrorist Moves. Look with out doing any Money or any magic one fourth of Population of the Earth following Islam is the great and to improve and to increase for that Islam to grab peace mode only. No to Arm's. Thanks. this is my belief and Recommendation on Humanitarian grounds.please. I know you will agree and accept my convocation and ideology. Lord Allah did not asked any one to promote Islam why because it is the Religion loved and backed by Huge Population on the Earth.so please witness the Miracles in Islam after leaving terrorism completely, why urgency, please be calm and quite. we could able to witness tremendous attraction. ameen. First sura says al Fathiha -al hamdu lilaahi rabbil alameen to iyyakka nahabuudhu iyyakka nasthayeen good things and deeds and in the next line itself a warning,yes, if you do a mistake than it is not possible to cross the river Musthakeem and again and again you will have rebirth on this Earth and have all troubles. to reach Allah Paradise and to live side by side to that Lord House pave way and means to good deeds/thoughts only is a must. come to 2nd sura in 2ayaths Ayathul Kursi by Lord. in that Ayaths Va la Yahudhu ifzu huma wahuval aliyul azeem is blasting out all sainthanic acts. so say this repeatedly when you get bad thoughts and feelings. you will be towards good deeds. Recite Sura Iklahs for 444 times in one sitting and get love and affection from all . Recite sura Annas - get rid of Tiredness and bad acts. recite 4 times . Recite Sura Falak - get rid of all Bad evils and bad acts on you. recite 4 times . After reciting all the above and say Salam to Mehbubae Subhuhani shah abduril Jailani sleeping at Bagdad. that salam is - saluthul Thunjina for 10 times prior and end of your prayers. You will be a Great person in Human society from Islam . Regards. Thanks. J.K.Sundararajan. http://getpaidout.blogspot.in. Salam Thunjina: Alla Humma salli wa sallim ala saidina muhamadeen wala aali as haabi saidina moulana mohammadeen salathan Thunjina biha min jami il ahwali wal affathi wa thahdeelana biha min jami il Hajaathi wa thuthahiruna biha min jami il afaathi wa tharfahuna biha min jamiis aathami was saiyiad wa thafarhuna biha indhaka ahlatharajad wa thu balli guna biha aghsal gayathi min jamiil quairathi fil ayaathi wa baagdal mamath ya kaliyal Hajath igli hawai jana fid Diini wad Dunya wal akkirathi innakka ala qulli shai in quadir. regards. j.k.sundararajan. best wishes to all.join and stay connedted if interested in my blogs. http://paybizz.blogspot.in

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