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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trade Licence to be made mandatory.

Trade Licence with Aadhar Card details:-

Trade Licence to a Small or tiny Vegetable merchant's,Tea shop's  to Industrial merchants/business, trading (this includes Share Market and real estate)  to be made mandatory.

Trade Licence has to be linked with Aadhar Card before issued. if issued Aadhar card has to be linked has to be made mandatory.

This will bring out entire money flow in the Nation, Tax revenue ,Business Loss or absconded traders and or Business/trade  details to Finance Ministry.

this will give a right focus while designing a Budget for a financial year. where a Government need to focus and where to not can be arrived.

for example in T.nagar at chennai a Major Business out let where more than a billion in transaction on each day happens ,their we can see finance Companies and Pawn broker's by Jain shops, lending Money on Jewels and Two wheelers and Cars and automobiles and they collect huge interest rates but with out   trade licence for that business and even these Finance companies do not have Name Board either in Regional language or in English , but doing business over 40 years is a miracle . why miracle? No income Tax raid or No raids by statutory officers from Health, employment, Fire etc. No records

And in West Mambalam up to Nesapakkam you can not see Trade Licence in shop's and Hotels and Snack Bar, sweet shops,Hardwares -building materials to electrical and electronic spares No billing practice at all ,so right value of Income Tax to pay has not been paid these people to Government. Government hesitates, why? No answer. If people pay the right and real income tax amount to government than Price increase Burden can be avoided for a long interval periods.

The above is only an example ,similarly in Entire chennai, and in all States in India To correct this Mistake Trade Licence has to be made mandatory.

Now let us leave this to the decision of P M O and Finance Ministry and President of India.!! .

Regards. Honest with self conduct control  in Business we can keep the Nation growing Healthy in all matters. j.k.sundararajan. http://getpaidout.blogspot.com , http://getpaidatlink.blogspot.in

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